Establishment Exiles is a progressive political podcast founded by Kevin Ehsani, Alicé Anil, and Mike Figueredo. They also host the podcast along with contributors Brittany B., Ron Placone, and Ashley Hudson. Establishment Exiles is currently an audio-only podcast that's available on iTunes once a week, featuring three of our six exiles, and usually an additional progressive guest. The subject matter will vary, but it's politically-oriented, and features commentary from millennials that feel disenchanted with the American political establishment and elites that pull the strings.

Brittany (@bluepurplerain)

Brittany is an outspoken writer, activist, and social media maven. She is the Director of Public Relations for the institute for progressive memetics, a leftist art and media collective

meet the exiles

Mike (@humanistreport)

Mike is the host of the humanist report podcast on TYT network and contributor for huffpost. He's a long-time political activist and advocate of progressivism and humanism. Mike has his bachelor's and master's in political science.  

Alicé (@alice_anil)

alicé is the host of Know BullShit on YouTube and Facebook. Additionally, she's a journalist, documentary filmmaker, and globe-trotter. She has her master's in public policy and is a self-proclaimed, proud public policy nerd.

Ashley (@anh8705)

Ashley is a grassroots political activist who has managed and volunteered for the campaigns of local progressive candidates running for public office. She holds a Master's degree in Public Administration and is responsible for the oversight of a subset of preventative health services across her state. 

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Ron (@ronplacone)

Ron Placone is a comedian. He is a panelist/writer on The Jimmy Dore Show and co-hosts a podcast about music and politics called 5 Chords & The Truth.

Kevin (@progblacksmith)

kevin (known under the moniker of "progressive blacksmith" online) hosts the progressive experience podcast on youtube and facebook. He is a persian-american that identifies as an agnostic/atheist, constitutional progressive.